Pranic Healing Testimonials

"I entrusted to Pamela the health of my children. By saying only this I want to point out that she is an exceptionally gifted pranic healer and I have a strong confidence in her abilities. Pamela have a great facility to work with etheric energy but also she is constantly improving her skills.

When I asked Pamela to help my son, he was 4 years old and every month he suffered from ear infections. After just a few pranic healing sessions with Pamela, the infections became mild and sporadic and finally stopped. My boy was also more cheerful and calm. But the most wonderful experience was giving birth assisted by Pamela. She connected with my daughter when she was still in my womb. My pranic healer was able to describe to me a gentle, warm energy of my baby. And then when the childbirth started, Pamela was so kind to assist us through the whole 17 hours process. She was taking a great care for my daughter, helping her, talking to her and cheering her up (although my brave little girl expressed to Pamela that she was not scared at all). She was also performing pranic techniques for me to reduce the pain and stress (I didn’t take any painkillers). My little girl was born calmly, safely and fully naturally. Pamela was a n amazing pranic mid-wife."