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Matter Painting Series by Pamela Rys
  • William, United Kingdom

    I am very happy with this artwork by Pamela, it is as described and shown on the website which gave me a very clear indication of what to expect. The painting is lovely and will look great once I get it framed and into position. Pamela was great at communicating with me when it seemed DPS were having trouble locating my house and I appreciated the handwritten card included with the art which was a lovely touch. Very well packaged too. I would buy other work by this artist and will be keeping an eye on what she produces. Thank you Pamela.

  • Elle, Australia

    Despite living in a remote location on the other side of the world from where this artwork was shipped, it arrived really quickly and in perfect condition. I'm really happy with the piece and Pamela was very helpful.

  • Mandy, United Kigdom

    Just received my art, they are lovely and what I expected. Pamela work is fantastic for an up and coming artist the world is her oyster. Delivery was quick and packaging, well took me 20 minutes to get to the art lol. Wonderfully packed as it should be. I bought these for my son for a Christmas present, but don't think he is going to see them, I love them too much, will buy him something else. Support this young artist, I expect we shall see many more beautiful artwork, I see her going all the way. Thanks Pamela, great to buy your work.

  • Debbie, United Kingdom

    I am absolutely thrilled with my Pamela Rys Artwork..... I could not believe that it could possibly be even more beautiful when it arrived. It is simply exquisite and magical ... inspiring the most beautiful memories of the love I have been so lucky to share with my rescued animals and our times spent together on our adventures in fields, forests and beaches. The beautiful twinkling stars which feature in this stunning artwork representing my precious little souls who are now in heaven.. & also reminding me of times spent with my two deeply loved little rescue dogs who are a precious part of my family now. Pamela has such a wonderful talent and I feel highly honoured to be able to lose myself in her beautiful creation .. such a beautiful treat especially now as I am highly vulnerable and still shielding a real treat for ones imagination....

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