Where Abstract Art Meets Pranic Healing

Hey there, fellow seekers of beauty and inner peace!

Welcome to my little area of the digital cosmos, where healing energies are freely flowing, complex patterns are unfurling, and brilliant colors dance. I'm Pamela Rys, and I'm so excited to go on this journey with you. It's a journey where the fields of abstract art and the ancient practice of pranic healing intertwine, weaving together a tapestry of artistic expression and spiritual discovery.

I'm a contemporary artist, and I've always been inspired by the limitless potential found in the uncharted territories. Every every stroke of paint or color splash serves as a call to explore the cosmos' secrets and unearth its secret realities.

However, my adventure doesn't end there. In addition to my love of painting, I've also been interested in pranic healing, an ancient practice that uses life force energy to enhance mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Pranic Healing taps into cosmic energies directing them towards personal transformation through a unique form of therapy.
In this blog, we shall explore where these two worlds intersect: when abstract arts meets spiritual awakening or vice versa; when creative expression becomes a catalyst for pranic healing.
Together, we will delve into the subconscious and use color and form as a language to piece together the innermost thoughts and feelings we have.

You can anticipate a wealth of inspiration, ranging from insights into my creative process to behind-the-scenes looks at the deep relationship between art and spirituality. There's something here for everyone, regardless matter whether you're an experienced art lover or a curious soul exploring pranic healing for the first time.

So gather your favorite tea, choose a comfortable position, and let's start this journey together. Who knows what treasures we may find on the journey?


Until next time, keep embracing the beauty of the journey.


Pamela 💜

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