Pamela Rys is a contemporary artist who works in a variety of media. She lives and works in London. Pamela worked in Industrial and Fashion Design while still studying Art and Design. During her studies she was working mainly by means of computers and visual editing software. Extensive use of computers resulted in restriction to the traditional, pure and free art forms which was one of the main reasons to put the design on hiatus and focus on painting. Her solar system series paintings were such a breakthrough that paved the way to the Darren Baker Gallery in London. Pamela is currently studying painting towards completing the MA degree in Fine Arts.


March 2017, Cafe Belg, Czestochowa, PL

October 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, PL

September 2016, Yem Tu, Czestochowa, PL

June 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, PL

April 2016, Pennington St E1 Studio Spaces, London, UK

February 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, PL

January 2016, Darren Baker Gallery, London, UK

September 2015, Gallery Gaude Mater, Czestochowa, PL

September 2015, Battersea Arts Centre, London, UK

August 2015, Gallery Wejsciowka, Czestochowa, PL

April 2015, Gallery BAR, London, UK

January 2015, Gallery Art With A Heart, Manchester, UK

June 2014, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, PL

March 2011, Gallery Schody, Cracow, PL


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