About Me 
My name is Pamela Rys. I was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1987 and currently live and work in London, United Kingdom. I pursued studies in fine art painting, design in visual communication and fashion design. I received my M.F.A. in 2017. My paintings explore the complicated relationship between textures and colours. My style is defined by sculptural use of paint. My densely textured paintings are built up of a mixture of many layers of thick gesso, paint, wood, sand, plastic and other materials. I create unique three-dimensional artworks. My paintings are grounded in an admiration of cosmos and an interest in pranic healing energies.
From an early age I was inspired by my mum. She was a wonderful artist. She painted very bold figurative paintings using very thick oil paint. Unfortunately I lost her, when I was aged four. I  missed her very much and at the time I found a way to connect with her soul through my creative activities. When I am painting I have a unique connection with her. 
I'm an eco friendly textural abstract artist. As much as possible I use recyclable materials and eco friendly and sustainable materials.
I never use art supplies that are created with animal products or tested on animals. This philosophy of creativity is close to my heart, because I don't believe in the suffering of animals is necessary to creating artworks.
I consciously only use recycled products and those that are not tested or derived from animal products. - h p
Have you always wanted to own unique piece of art? - h p
March 2022, McMillan Fine Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom
May 2019, LightFair International with SORAA, Philadelphia, PA, United States
November 2017, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
March 2017, Cafe Belg, Czestochowa, Poland
October 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
June 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
April 2016, Pennington St E1 Studio Spaces, London, United Kingdom
February 2016, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
January 2016 - July 2016, Darren Baker Gallery, London, United Kingdom
September 2015, Gallery Gaude Mater, Czestochowa, Poland
September 2015, Battersea Arts Centre, London, United Kingdom
August 2015, Gallery Wejsciowka, Czestochowa, Poland
April 2015, Gallery BAR, London, United Kingdom
January 2015, Gallery Art With A Heart, Manchester, United Kingdom
June 2014, Gallery Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland
March 2011, Gallery Schody, Cracow, Poland
McMillan Fine Art Gallery, London, United Kingdom 
2016, Darren Baker Gallery, London, United Kingdom

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